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Date:      April 26, 2004       Held in the Lethbridge Travelodge

Present: President Ron Hemeon (Saskatchewan), Treasurer Floyd Hawley (Wyoming), Secretary Ian Martindale (Idaho), Barry Pritchard (Alberta), District 18 Director Richard Anderson, Tournament Director Steve Bates, District 18 Head Tournament Director Roger Putnam, District 18 Tournament Coordinator Claire Jones, M.J. Brown of Helena MT was also invited to attend the meeting.

Absent: Kay Reese (Utah), Vice President Karen Eble (Montana).

1. The meeting was called to order at 4:45 PM by President Ron Hemeon.

2. Moved Ian Martindale, 2nd R. Anderson, to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting as distributed.    CARRIED

3. Floyd Hawley  distributed the Treasurerís Report and noted that income was in line to cover the expenses of the District for the year.

Moved Floyd Hawley, 2nd Barry Pritchard, to adopt the treasurerís report.   CARRIED

4. The Board had an extensive discussion of the guidelines for reporting and budgeting of hospitality and other regional tournament expenses, and noted the need for increased hospitality budges at the tournament. Ian Martindale suggested a tournament reporting form stating the date, location, chairman, chief director, previous attendance and new projected attendance for each scheduled regional; various amounts were suggested as the new per-table guidelines for bulletin and hospitality budgets, and a consensus was arrived at. The Board specified that if the local organization exceeded the budget it would be required to raise the excess. If attendance at an early enough point exceeded the projections the budget could be raised in line with the new projection.

Moved Floyd Hawley, 2nd R. Anderson, to set the hospitality budget at $3.75 US and $5.00CDN in the new guidelines.    CARRIED

The new budget guidelines will be effective with the Red Deer tournament August 9-15.

5. Richard Anderson presented his report on the decisions by the National Board regarding the NAOP.  The most immediate change will be to the NAOP this year. Qualifying will take place June 1 to the end of August, there is no requirement to hold Unit finals although a unit may hold a final if it gets a sanction. The District final will be 2 sessions, not 4.

Absolutely no Non-qualifiers will be allowed to play in the finals.

The Grand National Teams District Finals will start Friday May 14 in Calgary, AB., venue TBA.

6. In response to a request to start a regional tournament on Sunday and end it Saturday, Roger Putnam indicated that it would then be counted as 2 tournaments. The request was denied.

7. Moved Ian Martindale, 2nd Barry Pritchard, to appoint Floyd Hawley District 18 Second Alternate Director.     CARRIED

8. The Board was informed that District 18 is short of a member of the Board of Governors. No action was taken.

9. The Board discussed the schedule in Billings for the NAOP final in September.

Moved Barry Pritchard, 2nd Ian Martindale, to hold the final on Saturday instead of Friday and to send written notice to all units.    CARRIED

 10. There was no correspondence to review.

 11.  Richard Anderson presented the National Directorís report as circulated.

12. The CBF has been able to grant each district in Canada a fund-raising regional.

Moved R. Anderson, 2nd Barry Pritchard, to approve a CBF fundraising regional for Calgary in 2005.    CARRIED

 13. Moved Floyd Hawley, 2nd Ian Martindale, to approve the Honoraria of $1,000 to Claire Jones for the maintenance of the D18 website and coordination of tournaments, and $400 to the treasurer.   CARRIED

 14. The Board was notified that for seeding purposes in Swiss teams, the average MPs instead of the total will be the criterion.

 15. Tournament Scheduling:

-Missoula 2006 should read Kalispell

-the Board discussed awarding a regional to Idaho Falls; the first available will be July 2007. But if Moose Jaw is unable to make suitable arrangements for April 2006, that tournament will be available and awarded to Idaho Falls if they can stage it.

 -the Board noted a conflict of tournaments with Great Falls and Worley (Coeur díAlene) in October.

 16. The Board meetings in 2005 will be at Casper and Saskatoon.

 17. The meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM sine die.

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