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Date:  May 7, 2009            Location: Doubletree Riverside Convention Centre: Boise, ID


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Treasurer's Report - Year End 2008

Present:  President Ian Martindale, ID; Vice President Andy Anderson, SK;

Treasurer Doug Adair, UT; Secretary Ken Scott, AB; Mary Jo Brown, MT; Pam Padgett, WY; Dick Anderson, ACBL Board of Directors; Claire Jones, D18 Tournament Coordinator & Webmaster; Steve Bates, D18 Tournament Director.

Absent:  Marie Jolley, GNT & NAOP Coordinator

1.  The meeting was called to order by President Martindale at 4:50 p.m.

2.  Minutes of the September 25, 2008 meeting in Idaho Falls, ID were presented as previously circulated. Moved by Ken Scott, 2nd by Mary Jo Brown that the minutes be approved. Carried

3.   Business arising from the minutes:

  1. Hospitality Budget – 2011 Billings Regional. The Motion (Dick Anderson, 2nd by Pam Padgett) Tabled in Idaho Falls was further discussed and it was agreed that as a special circumstance (highly beneficial venue rental structure) that D18 provide to the Billings Regional budget an additional (above and beyond the regular budget) hospitality budget of $2000. Carried
  2. Regional Guideline

·       The ‘Guideline’ was discussed in terms of Caddy Fees, and in view of the new minimum wage law in Alberta, it was Moved by Ken Scott, 2nd by Andy Anderson that the caddy fee in Canada be raised to $40 per session effective immediately (hence applying for the forthcoming GNT). The caddy fee at US Regionals remains at $35. Carried

·       The ‘Guideline’ was further discussed in terms of Junior Fees, and it was Moved by Ken Scott, 2nd by Doug Adair that the per session fee for Juniors (those under age 26)  be $5 at US Regionals and $6 at Canadian Regionals. Carried

      Ken advised that he would update the Regional Guideline and send to Claire for the website.

  1. Bridge Promotion Successes:

·       Pencils advertising the 2010 D18 Regionals have been purchased (approximately $430 plus shipping for 2500) and will be distributed within the D18 Region by Board Members and the Head Director. It was agreed that the pencils are popular and an effective way to promote our Regionals and that for 2011 the order be increased from 2500 to 5000.

·       The WASUMI ad for future Regionals was updated and sent to D19 for their forthcoming DINO Newsletter but was unfortunately not included in their Spring issue. The D18 ad will be updated and submitted for the next issue.

4.  Doug Adair presented the Treasurer’s report. Moved by Doug Adair, 2nd by Ken Scott that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Carried

5.  Report from ACBL Board. Dick Anderson provided an update on activity at ACBL head office. The new headquarters will be located about 15 minutes south in Garden City, Mississippi. Dick also advised that ACBL has approved the option to stratify using average masterpoints for pairs games (not including stratiflighted events) at Sectional and Regional tournaments. Dick’s full report is available on WASUMI.org.

      Moved by Pam Padgett 2nd by Ken Scott that the report be accepted. Carried

6.  D18 Tournament Coordinator’s Report. Claire Jones reviewed progress by Tournament Committees for 2010, 2011, and 2012 Regionals. He advised that locations and dates are firming up for 2012. Following is information available:

2010 Regionals

Proposed Dates


Moose Jaw

Apr 26 – May 2/ 2010



July 12 – 18/ 2010


Red Deer

August 9 – 15/ 2010



Sept 27 – Oct 03/ 2010



2011 Regionals

Proposed Dates


SLC or Idaho Falls?

May 9 – 15/ 2011

Sun Valley is an option


July 4 – 10/ 2011



August 8 – 14/ 2011

Partially arranged


Sept 26 – Oct 02/ 2011

Partially arranged


2012 Regionals

Proposed Dates



April 9 – 15/ 2012

Preliminary info


May 14 – 20/ 2012

Preliminary info

SLC is an option


August 6 – 12/ 2012

Preliminary info

Aug 6 is Civic Day


Sept 24 – 30/ 2012

Preliminary info


2013 Regionals

Proposed Dates


SLC or Idaho Falls?

May 2013

Long term projection


July 2013

Long term projection

Red Deer?

August 2013

Long term projection


September 2013

Long term projection

      Moved by Mary Jo Brown 2nd by Pam Padgett that the report be accepted. Carried

7.  Webmaster’s report. Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Ken Scott that the Webmaster’s report be accepted. Carried

8.   New Business

  1. GNT Guideline. The draft GNT Guideline was approved as circulated, including the policy line of a budget of $1000 for marketing and hospitality. The Guideline will be posted to WASUMI
  2. Supplying Montana Regionals. Mary Jo advised that the Helena Organizing Committee had a strong interest in using newer supplies and that such were available from the South Saskatchewan Unit. It was Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Dick Anderson that Mary Jo contact the current supplier to explain the situation and make the change. Carried
  3. Successes for D18 Juniors:

·       Congratulations to two D18 Youth players who achieved ACBL’s top 25 for 2008. Thomas Walsh of Saskatoon placed 8th, and Stephen Dauphinais of Edmonton placed 22nd.

  1. Steve Bates advised that the Boise Regional table count is projected to be an increase from 790 last time, and 750 the time before. (The final count was 900.5 tables, an excellent Regional).

9.   Next Meeting: Thursday, October 1, 2009, Saskatoon, SK, Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre

10. Motion to adjourn by Mary Jo Brown. Adjournment at 6:50 p.m.


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