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Date:      September 27, 2002        The Heritage Inn, Missoula, Montana 

Present: President Ron Hemeon,  Vice President Karen Eble, Treasurer Floyd Hawley, Secretary Ian Martindale, Kay Reese (Utah), Barry Pritchard (Alberta), District 18 Representative Dick Anderson, District 18 Head Tournament Director Roger Putnam, Tournament Directors Steve Bates and Marie Jolley, and District 18 Tournament Coordinator Bob Donaldson.

President Ron Hemeon called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

1: The minutes of the previous meeting were read. Moved Ian Martindale 2nd Kay Reese to approve the minutes as read. Carried.

2: Business arising from the minutes:

 --Bob Donaldson agreed to continue as D18 Tournament Coordinator.

--Barry Pritchard and Kay Reese reported the results of the surveys regarding the Wasumi question. The poll results were heavily against paying extra entry fees to publish the newsletter. In SLC, 95-27, in Edmonton, 168-12. The board discussed ways to help make the Wasumi website a more convenient substitute.

3. Floyd Hawley presented a verbal Treasurerís Report. The current cash position is approximately US$35,000. The Canadian GST has eroded the margins of the tournaments held there. The board discussed ways to offset the effects of the tax. Moved Floyd Hawley 2nd Kay Reese to accept the Treasurerís Report. Carried.

4. The Board discussed at length the exchange differences from Canada to the U.S. Moved Ian Martindale 2nd Dick Anderson to set Regional Tournament entry fees at US$9.00 in the U.S. and C$13.00 in Canada. Carried.

5. District 18 Representative Dick Anderson reported on the ACBL recruitment campaign and incentive. The national board proposed to subsidize the first year membership fee of new members by US$6.00 if the District or Unit involved will also subsidize by $6.00, making the cash outlay for a new recruit only US$12.00.  He moved, 2nd Barry Pritchard, that District 18 participate by subsidizing new recruits by US$6.00 or the equivalent in C$. Carried.

6. Barry Pritchard reported on daily bulletins produced at the Edmonton and other regional tournaments. The guidelines were reiterated that up to $300.00 was allowed for a bulletin. Any excess cost should come from the hospitality budget or from contributions.

7. The Board discussed correspondence from Paul Graham regarding conduct and ethics controversies.1 The Boardís reply is to refer the matters in hand to the appropriate Unit(s).

8. The board listened to a presentation by Larry Chow of PDI, the contractor for tables and supplies. Moved Kay Reese 2nd Floyd Hawley to increase the table payment to $2.75 for the duration of the present contract. Carried.

9. Head Tournament Director Roger Putnam estimated that with the NAOP included this tournament attendance would come to 950 tables. The next scheduled tournament in Helena is 2010. Tournament chair M.J. Brown offered some comments and advice for other regional chairs:

            -print many extra programs

            -schedule more KO team events

            -publish a daily bulletin

            -free coffee in the morning was very popular

            -have a sponsor for a novice party

The board commended MJ for a job well done and a very successful tournament.

10. Tournament coordinator Bob Donaldson summarized the tournament schedule and commented on a perceived conflict in schedules between Kalispell and Edmonton.

11. The Board discussed the NAOP event again. The ACBL conditions are that if unit qualifying events are not held the District must hold a 4 session final. Club qualifying must be complete by January 31. Units can hold a single-session final and award red points, or a 2-session final and award some gold. The Board chose to defer to the May 2003 meeting any further discussion of the NAOP.

The meeting was adjourned sine die.

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