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    Date:      April 10, 2008   Location: El Rancho Conference Centre: Lethbridge, AB


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Present:  President Ian Martindale, ID; Vice President Andy Anderson, SK;

Treasurer Doug Adair, UT; Secretary Ken Scott, AB; Mary Jo Brown, MT; Floyd Hawley (for Pam Padgett), WY; ACBL Board of Directors Dick Anderson; D18 Tournament Coordinator & Webmaster Claire Jones; D18 Tournament Director Steve Bates; GNT & NAOP Coordinator Marie Jolley.


Mary Jo Brown was congratulated and thanked for her 3 years service for the District 18 Board as Secretary. Mary Jo continues as Board Member representing Montana

Floyd Hawley was also congratulated and thanked for his 18 years (1989 through 2007) service on the District 18 Board, virtually all of it as Treasurer.


1.  The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by President Martindale.

1a. President Ian called for nominations for the position of Secretary. Ken Scott was nominated (Mary Jo Brown; 2nd by Doug Adair). There being no other nominations, Ken was declared elected.

2.  Minutes of the September 28, 2007 meeting in Regina, SK were read. Moved by Dick Anderson, 2nd by Ken Scott that the minutes be approved as read. Carried

3.   Business arising from the minutes:

  1. Ken Scott reported that a D18 Regional ad was in the D19 Winter 2008 (January) Gazette and our next ad for Regionals will appear in their June/July issue. Further ads will appear rolling our schedule forward. Doug Adair reported that an invoice for the ad has not yet been received.

  2. Floyd Hawley encouraged fiscal restraint on production of a daily bulletin at Regionals. It was clarified that the budget is capped at $750 and any expenditures above that needs to be covered by the hospitality budget or outside funding.

  3. Dick Anderson reminded that the names of US registered charities being nominated for a grant from the US charity budget needs to be sent to him for follow up. Board Members representing US areas will get the names to Dick.

  4. Following discussion about the minimal impact of the D18 Lucky Draw, it was Moved by Dick Anderson, 2nd by Mary Jo Brown that we discontinue the Lucky Draw as of August 1, 2009, and immediately remove reference to it on the WASUMI website. Carried

  5. The D18 display last seen at Red Deer 2007 has not been located. It was agreed that if not found by May 15th, a replacement will be created (Mary Jo), first available for the Idaho Falls Regional in September.

  6. Discussion about the marketing initiative suggested possibilities other than newspaper ads, such as pencils advertising D18’s Regionals for the coming year; wallet-sized D18 tournament schedule (including Unit Sectionals); a generic wallet sized card providing information on ACBL and WASUMI websites, plus a Unit website where such Unit co-funds the card; and enhancement/reinforcement of teaching of bridge for beginners.

  7. Ian Martindale advised that the replacement D18 letterhead is being produced and will be sent to each Board Member.

4.  Doug Adair presented the Treasurer’s report. He advised that the US bank account has been used for the majority of recent disbursements. Moved by Doug Adair, 2nd by Andy Anderson that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Carried

·        Ken Scott requested that future financial reports also include a 1 page summary of the operational and financial results for each Regional. Doug advised that this is information is available and would be included in the future.

5.   New Business

  1. Regional Guideline

·        Given relative parity between the US and Canadian dollars, Canadian GST of 5% required for tournament entry fees, and the relatively higher cost of hospitality for Regionals in Canada, it was Moved by Floyd Hawley, 2nd by Mary Jo Brown that effective May 1, 2008 the D18 entry fee and hospitality budget be as follows:


Regionals in the USA

Regionals in Canada

Entry fee


$11.50 (including GST)

Hospitality budget

$5.25 per table

$6.25 per table


      Ken advised that he would update the Regional Guideline and send to Claire for the website.

·        In response to his request, Ken Scott was advised that all D18 jurisdictions, including Alberta, are provided with the same supplies budget of $3 per fully supplied table. This can be added to the Regional Guideline.

·        Ken Scott reported that a playing venue for the August 2009 Regional in Calgary has not yet been secured and there may well be budget implications.

  1. Grand National Teams - Conditions of Contest

·        Moved by Andy Anderson, 2nd by Mary Jo Brown, that the first level qualification be waived for a participant whose principal residence is greater than 100 Km/60 miles of a GNT qualifying host club. Any person meeting this exception must be identified at the time of pre-registration. The Credentials Committee may require proof of residency if challenged. Any player having met the distance criterion may advance to a second round. A $20 additional fee will be assessed to her/his team entry. Carried

  1. USBF Open Team & Women’s Team Trials Grant

·        Dick Anderson advised that the USBF has contacted the Salt Lake City Unit about holding their 2010 Team Trials in SLC at the time of the 2010 SLC Regional. Moved by Dick Anderson, 2nd by Doug Adair that D18 provide the USBF with a $1000 grant in support of this endeavor. Carried

  1. D18 Recorder

·        The Board was reminded that D18 has been without a Recorder since Bruce Ferguson and an election was undertaken. Gerry Marshall and Lila Cochran were nominated, and Lila Cochran (Idaho Falls) was declared elected.

·        The Board was also reminded that Alex Fowlie (Edmonton) currently serves as Chairman of the D18 Disciplinary Committee. Steve Lawrence (Calgary) has volunteered to serve on Disciplinary Committees.

  1. Ian Martindale advised that Bob Donaldson has agreed to provide supplies for Idaho and Montana Regionals (and possibly for Casper, WY) to 2010.

  2. Steve Bates advised that attendance at the current Lethbridge Regional was up and that we might achieve 700 to 750 tables this week.

  3. Ken Scott advised that the Edmonton Regional this year will host a Teacher Accreditation Program (TAP) and that D18 will be providing a subsidy of $50 toward each participant who is a member of D18. The Edmonton TAP will be Monday, August 11 and Tuesday, August 12. Board Members are encouraged to generate interest from their area, and are also encouraged to approach Units in their area suggesting meeting Unit 391’s (Edmonton) standard of providing a further $25 subsidy for participants who are members of their Unit.

6.  D18 Tournament Coordinator’s Report. Billings was proposed as the site for the 4th (in addition to the traditional three – Sun Valley, Edmonton and Regina) Regional for 2011 and this was approved, to be scheduled in April or July.  Moved by Andy Anderson 2nd by Ken Scott that the report be accepted. Carried

7.  Webmaster’s report. Claire Jones reminded Board Members who have not yet provided a bio for WASUMI to send a short bio to him, and  reported that the site continues to achieve about 1000 hits per month. Moved by Andy Anderson, 2nd by Richard Anderson that the Webmaster’s report be accepted. Carried

8.  Honoraria. Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Andy Anderson that the following honoraria be provided for 2008: Treasurer (Doug Adair) $400; Tournament Coordinator (Claire Jones) $600; WASUMI webmaster (Claire Jones) $400; Secretary (Ken Scott) $100. Carried

9. Next Meeting: Thursday, September 25, 2008, Idaho Falls, ID

10. Motion to adjourn by Ken Scott. Adjournment at 6:50 p.m.


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