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Date:      May 14, 2003        The DoubleTree Riverside Hotel, Boise Idaho

Present: President Ron Hemeon, Vice President Karen Eble, Treasurer Floyd Hawley, Secretary Ian Martindale, Alberta Representative Barry Pritchard, Utah Representative Kay Reese, District 18 ACBL Representative Dick Anderson, District 18 Head Tournament Director Roger Putnam, Tournament Director Steve Bates, District 18 Tournament Coordinator Bob Donaldson, District 18 Grand National Teams Coordinator Marie Jolley, Tournament Director Claire Jones.

President Ron Hemeon called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting at Helena, MT were read.

Moved Ian Martindale 2nd Kay Reese to adopt the minutes as read. Carried

  1. Floyd Hawley presented the Treasurerís Report for the fiscal year and noted that the General Fund stands at US$45,298.83. He also commented that the recent exchange rate has increased the cash position by about US$3,000.

Moved Floyd Hawley 2nd Dick Anderson to adopt the Treasurerís Report as presented.  Carried.

  1. The Board discussed the transition of the function of Tournament Coordinator from Bob Donaldson to Claire Jones, who currently maintains the District 18 website and the expenses involved.

Moved Floyd Hawley 2nd Barry Pritchard to appoint Claire Jones as the D18 Tournament Coordinator and to pay US$1,000 per year from which to pay registration and maintenance fees. Carried.

  1. Moved Barry Pritchard 2nd Kay Reese to approve $400 honorarium for the District Treasurer. Carried.
  1. President Ron Hemeon reviewed the correspondence received, particularly that resulting from the air conditioning failure at the Edmonton Regional in 2002. The Board took no action in response to any correspondence.
  1. ACBL Director Dick Anderson reported on the state of the ACBL, noting that the League reported a surplus of approximately $700,000 in 2002, and that management had reduced staff  in an effort in reduce expenses. He noted that there is still some improvement needed in communication.
  1. Head Tournament Director Roger Putnam reported on several items. The Sun Valley 2004 event will run May 3 to 9, the Sun Valley Inn has remodeled and will charge $3,500 based on 60 rooms, otherwise the charge is $5,250.

The Billings (Sep 20-26 2004) Regional conflicts with Seaside OR. The Board will consider moving the event by 1 week.    (Roger Putnam continued)

                        For Boise 2006 the Board has several weeks to choose from, and the Hotel has offered some pricing options, including the application to rent of 25% of food towards the rent.

In view of the situation in Missoula, Karen Eble suggested that the event scheduled for 2006 be moved to Butte. The matter will be taken up at the next meeing.

Finally, there is room for 1 more regional in 2007.

  1. The ACBL has discontinued the new member subsidy of $US6.00. It was noted that the subsidy cost the District only $54.00.

Moved Floyd Hawley 2nd Karen Eble to subsidize each new memberís first yearís fees by US$6.00 or the Canadian dollar equivalent in Canada. Carried.

  1. Floyd Hawley and Ian Martindale had been asked to evaluate ďD and OĒ insurance for the district. Since both opinions were negative, the Board chose not to act.
  1. Bob Donaldson expressed  happiness at having had the privilege of serving on the D18 Board and acting for it as District Tournament Coordinator since the District was formed more than 30 years ago. The Board will award Bob an appropriate plaque as an expression of gratitude.
  1. Claire suggested that if any tournament forwards its daily bulletin, he will post it to the website.
  1. Dick Anderson suggested that Regional Hospitality allowances are inadequate. The matter will be studied and discussed at the next meeting.
  1. The Board discussed the position of District Recorder, currently Bruce Ferguson, and the duties of the office. No change was suggested.
  1. The Grand National Teams start time was moved to Friday 7:30 to accommodate those who have to travel.
  1. The meeting was adjourned sine die at 6:55 PM.

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