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Date:      September 28, 2007   Regina Inn   Regina, Saskatchewan


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Present:  President Ian Martindale, ID; Vice President Andy Anderson, SK;

Secretary Mary Jo Brown, MT; Treasurer Doug Adair, UT; Ken Scott, AB,

Pam Padgett, WY; ACBL Board of Directors Richard Anderson;  D18

Tournament Coordinator & Web Master Claire Jones; D18 Tournament

Director Steve Bates; ACBL Board of Directors Treasurer & D17 Board, Jerry Fleming (guest).


1.  The meeting was called to order at 4:50 p.m. by President Martindale.


2.  Minutes of the May 10, 2007 meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho were presented. Moved by Doug Adair, 2nd by Ken Scott the minutes be approved as presented. Carried


     Actions arising from the minutes were reported as follows:


     The bulletin board concerning the WASUMI did not find its way to Regina. A search will be made.


     Regarding item #8 concerning the $8,000 of charity funds to be awarded in the US. US reps are to bring suggestions to the Lethbridge meeting.


     Ken Scott will take care of placing an ad in the D19 Dino regarding the forthcoming D18 Regionals.


3.  Doug Adair presented the treasurerís report. Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Pam Padgett the treasurerís report with realignment be accepted. Carried


4.  Moved by Ken Scott, 2nd by Andy Anderson that Pat Young and her team be commended for her quality work on the Red Deer Regional. Carried

     President Martindale will send Pat Young a letter of commendation.


5.  Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Andy Anderson that stationary with D18 letterhead be purchased.  Carried


6.  Richard reported that the ACBL is moving to a new building and his report can be found of the WASUMI.


7.  Claire Jones presented the Web Masterís report. Board members were asked to send a short bio to Claire to be posted on the WASUMI. Steve Bates will send the names of Lucky Draw winners to Claire for posting. Moved be Andy Anderson, 2nd by Richard Anderson to accept the Web Masterís  report. Carried


8.  Moved by Andy Anderson, 2nd by Ken Scott that D18 policy be amended such that the winner of  the Lucky Draw of free plays (18) for one (1)          player at a future D18 Regional be available for up to two (2) years following the win, and be transferable to one (1) other person. Carried


9.  Ken Scott was thanked for his work on improving the Regional Guidelines. Andy Anderson agreed to review the draft for approval.


10.  Claire Jones presented the Tournament Coordinatorís report.  Units in D18 have improved in sanctioning sectionals in a timely manner. Western Conference StaC Games will need permission from Claire to invite D18 clubs to participate in order to avoid conflicts with D18  Regionals. Moved by Andy Anderson 2nd by Ken Scott the report be accepted. Carried


11. Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Andy Anderson to hold the Open Flight of the GNT 2008 in Lethbridge with the A, B, and C Flights in Montana May 9-11. Carried   Marie Jolley and Mary Jo Brown will make arrangements for the playing site.


12. Moved by Andy Anderson, 2nd by Ken Scott to begin the Open Flight of the GNT's in Lethbridge on Sunday, April 6 with two (2) sessions Sunday and two (2) sessions Monday, April 7. Carried


13. Moved by Andy Anderson, 2nd by Ken Scott to raise the allowance at Regionals for bulletins to $750, novice programs to $500, and caddies to $35. Carried


14.  Discussion of new member recruitment involving newspaper ads, Yellow pages ads, inviting non-duplicate clubs, etc. with a possibility of up to $10,000 to be spent for this purpose proportionate to membership. Ian will send ad templates to each Board Member.


14. Moved to adjourn by Mary Jo Brown. Adjournment at 7:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Mary Jo Brown.


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