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Date:      September 30, 2005       Hilton Gardens Inn, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Present: President Ian Martindale, ID, Vice President Barry Pritchard, AB, Secretary Mary Jo Brown, MT, Kerma Jones, UT, Floyd Hawley, WY, Andy Anderson, SK, D18 Tournament Coordinator & Web Master Claire Jones, ACBL Board of Directors Richard Anderson, National Director Roger Putnam, D18 Tournament Director Steve Bates, ACBL President Roger Smith, Alice Northey,Casper, WY. (part time).  Absent: GNT & NAP Coordinator Marie Jolley.


1. The meeting was called to order at 4:43 p.m. by President Ian Martindale.


2. Alice Northey of Casper,WY, presented a letter of request from Casper Unit 420 to hold a Regional in Casper in August of 2009.


3. Andy Anderson, SK, was seated as a new board member replacing Ursula Jugnauth.


4. Minutes of the May 20, 2005 meeting held in Casper,WY were read. Moved by Richard Anderson, 2nd by Barry Pritchard the minutes be approved as read.  Carried

The minutes will continue to be sent to board members via E-mail for editing before being placed on the WASUMI web site.


5. With approval of the board, President Ian Martindale appointed District 18 Director Steve Bates to administer the GST to the Canadian Government.


6. Kerma Jones presented the Treasurerís Report as circulated. Moved by Andy Anderson, 2nd by Floyd Hawley to approve the Treasurerís Report as presented. Carried


7.  Richard Anderson, District 18 Representative to ACBL reported that the ACBL is doing well. Discussion of the problems in District 10 following Hurricane Katrina followed. Although the buildings of the bridge clubs were insured, contents such as boards, furniture, paper supplies, computers, etc. may not have been. A committee is in place to accept and disburse donations to help the clubs in District 10 get back up and running.  Moved by Richard Anderson, 2nd by Barry Pritchard to send $2000.00 U.S. to District 10. Carried


8. Discussion of the GNT District Finals date. Moved by Richard Anderson, 2nd by Kerma Jones to hold the GNT District Finals May 12-14, 2006. Carried.   The weekend following Motherís Day will be penciled in for future years with a closer look at necessity for change each year.

GNT District Finals for 2007 will be May 18-20.  Mary Jo Brown will advise Marie Jolley of these decisions.


9. Kerma Jones circulated copies of information showing one-way mileage distance of each board member from home to each of the board meetings for a three-year period and the cost at $.40 per mile to assess the equity of the flat rate travel reimbursement. She distributed some considerations and costs related to overall per diem and travel reimbursement to board members. As a committee of the board, considerable discussion followed concerning whether a flat rate which is now in place would be preferable. When the meeting is close to home, a flat rate offsets the cost of traveling long distances to other meetings. Due to increased cost of gas prices, travel costs have escalated and an increase is needed. Kerma was thanked for her efforts in preparing this data. Moved by Richard Anderson, 2nd by Mary Jo Brown to set reimbursement at $50 US per diem for 3 days, 2 nights hotel at host hotel rate, and $200 US for travel effective immediately.  Carried


10. Mary Jo Brown circulated copies of the Regional Guidelines with proposed changes.  Changes to reflect the concerns of the North Saskatchewan Unit #575 as well as others may be found on the WASUMI web site.


11. ACBL President Roger Smith was introduced.  Roger explained that this year is the 50th Anniversary of the ACBL Goodwill Committee and finds goodwill in evidence in District 18.


12. Changes in the ACBL Charity procedures were explained by Richard Anderson.  Each district will be given $1000.00 per year for charities within the district. (The District Director makes the decision on how these funds are disbursed.)

On a 5 year rotation basis, $10,000.00 will be awarded to each district for the charities within the District. Since District 18 is about 50% on each side of the border, District 18 will receive $5000 when its turn comes up. (This $5000 will go to a charity or charities in the United States.)

Each year the Canadian Bridge Federation gives the CBF Zone V (which is the Canadian part of District 18) money to be disbursed to charities within the CBF Zone.

Local, as well as national charity games may be held as advised by the ACBL to Club Managers.


13. Richard Anderson and Steve Bates explained the need to change the strata at Canadian Regionals to match the ranges used in the U. S. Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Kerma Jones to change the Canadian strata to the same numbers as the U. S.  Carried


14. Moved by Richard Anderson, 2nd by Barry Pritchard to have a consolation in Compact KO events when numbers permit. Carried


15. President Ian Martindale brought to the attention of the board the problems some players have with over use of perfumes and other scents. A note shall be placed in the flyers and bulletins asking players to use scents with discretion.


16. Floyd Hawley proposed the need to have a policy addressing the issue of when the term of a representative to the board terminates and the term of the new representative begins. Moved by Barry Pritchard, 2nd by Andy Anderson to have the transition take place when the Election Officer has deemed the new representative elected. Carried


17.  Tournament Coordinator Claire circulated copies of the future tournament schedule. Since plans were in progress for Montana to have a Regional in Missoula or Helena in 2009, Mary Jo Brown will respond to the request from Casper and suggest that Casper hold a Regional in April or July of 2010.


18. President Ian Martindale brought to the attention of the board the need to discuss ideas for recruitment, participation, and publicity.  ACBL President Roger Smith mentioned the matching funds available from ACBL.  Richard Anderson commented about Easy Bridge.  This will be an agenda item for the next meeting.


19. Moved to adjourn by Barry Pritchard. Adjournment at 7: 23 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted by Mary Jo Brown

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