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Date:      October 2, 2009  Saskatoon Inn   Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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Present:  President Ian Martindale, ID; Vice President Andy Anderson, SK;

Treasurer Doug Adair, UT; Secretary Ken Scott, AB; Mary Jo Brown, MT; Pam Padgett, WY; Dick Anderson, ACBL Board of Directors; Claire Jones, D18 Webmaster; Steve Bates, D18 Tournament Director; Marie Jolley, GNT & NAP Coordinator

Guests:  Cam Doner, Unit 430 Rep on D19 Board; Jerry Mamer, Chair, Saskatoon Regional Tournament


Cam Doner provided information on some challenges faced by D19 Regionals, in particular the rising cost of playing space. He relayed information he received at a presentation by Ken Monzingo (ACBL Rep from District 22) that pointed out a disadvantage local organizers have when negotiating rent for playing space – hotels have lots of experience whereas local organizers my only negotiate rent once or twice. There may be value in using the services of professional negotiators. There may also be value in focusing the negotiation on the food and guest rooms aspect of the contract (trying to achieve gratis playing space in lieu). One tip he offered is to ask for the ‘staff rate’ when booking rooms for the Tournament Directors.

1.  The meeting was called to order by President Martindale at 5:10 p.m. Guests Cam Doner and Jerry Mamer were welcomed.

2.  Minutes of the May 7, 2009 meeting in Idaho Falls, ID were presented as previously circulated. Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Pam Padgett that the minutes be approved. Carried

3.   Business arising from the minutes:

  1. Enhanced hospitality budget for low rent venue Regionals. It was decided that the current Regional Guideline hospitality budget should be used for all Regionals although a special circumstance Regional could be discussed on its unique merits.
  2. GNT - review of pre registration and 2010 site selection. It was reported that the pre registration process used in 2009 worked and will be carried on for future GNTs. The 2010 GNT (A, B, and C flights only) will be held May 14 to 16, 2010 in Montana at a city to be determined. The super flight will be held in Moose Jaw (April 26 – May 2, 2010) overlapping with the Regional schedule.
  3. Achievements by D18 Juniors: Tom Walsh (Saskatoon) continues to achieve – most recently at the 2009 Youth NABC in Washington DC.
  4. Bios for WASUMI website. Ian and Doug will work on theirs.

4.  Doug Adair presented the Treasurer’s report. There was discussion about the challenge of fixing entry fees more than a year out, given currency fluctuations. It was decided that future Regional brochures not post the entry fee and rather the Board would decide at their fall meeting the entry fee for the following four Regionals. The Regional Guideline will be updated with this provision. Doug asked for a colleague to help with financials on the Canadian side of the border and Andy Anderson agreed to serve in that capacity.  Moved by Dick Anderson, 2nd by Mary Jo Brown that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Carried

5.  Report from ACBL Board. Dick Anderson provided an update on activity at ACBL head office. Membership is up, the organization is in good financial shape, the office moves to Horn Lake, MS next summer, and the new office space will feature a new library and hall of fame display. Dick’s full report is available on WASUMI.org.

      Moved by Ken Scott 2nd by Pam Padgett that the report be accepted. Carried

6.  D18 Tournament Coordinator’s Report. Claire Jones reviewed progress by Tournament Committees for 2010, 2011, and 2012 Regionals. He advised that locations and dates are firming up for 2013. Following is information available:

2010 Regionals

Proposed Dates


Moose Jaw

Apr 26 – May 2/ 2010



July 12 – 18/ 2010


Red Deer

August 9 – 15/ 2010



Sept 27 – Oct 03/ 2010



2011 Regionals

Proposed Dates



May 9 – 15/ 2011

Partially arranged


July 4 – 10/ 2011



August 8 – 14/ 2011

Partially arranged


Sept 26 – Oct 02/ 2011

Partially arranged


2012 Regionals

Proposed Dates



April 9 – 15/ 2012

Preliminary info


May 14 – 20/ 2012

Partially arranged


August 6 – 12/ 2012

Preliminary info

Aug 6 is Civic Day


Sept 24 – 30/ 2012

Partially arranged


2013 Regionals

Proposed Dates


Great Falls

April (preferred) 2013

April 8 – 14 or July 15 - 21

Sun Valley

May 15 – 21/ 2013


Red Deer

August 7 – 13/ 2013



Sept 25 – Oct 01/ 2013



      Claire agreed to a request that the website homepage be adjusted to show a balance of ‘WASUMI’ phrasing with ‘District 18’ phrasing and he endeavored to check that searches on ‘District 18’ reach our website. Moved by Mary Jo Brown 2nd by Pam Padgett that the report be accepted. Carried

7.  Webmaster’s report. Moved by Mary Jo Brown, 2nd by Ken Scott that the Webmaster’s report be accepted. Carried

8.   New Business

  1. Board Meeting day. It was agreed that starting next Spring, future Board Meetings be scheduled for Wednesdays.
  2. Supplies for D18 Regionals in the US. The attractiveness of a fixed rate for supplies was discussed. The Board agreed to hold an online meeting with respect to the supplies question within the next 6 weeks. Claire Jones will provide information on South Saskatchewan’s interest.
  3. Invoice for ACBL President at Helena. This invoice is D18 business and a cheque is being provided.
  4. Online meetings. Moved by Ken Scott, 2nd by Mary Jo Brown that the draft protocol for online meetings previously circulated be accepted. Carried
  5. District Elections Officer. Moved by Ken Scott, 2nd by Pam Padgett that Andy Anderson be appointed D18 Elections Officer, and that Mary Jo Brown be appointed to serve in that capacity for any election in which Andy himself is a candidate. Carried
  6. Potential future for D18 GNTs and NAPs. It was agreed that the Board would be interested in comments (especially technology options given the geographic dispersion of D18, and youth participation) that Ray Grace might develop regarding future GNTs and NAPs. It was suggested that if he is interested, he could recruit an American colleague and forward their ideas to the Board
  7. Retiring Board Member. Dick Anderson is retiring from his position of D18 Representative on the ACBL Board and in consideration of his 6 terms on the D18 Board in addition to an award of lifetime free plays at D18 Regionals, it was Moved by Andy Anderson, 2nd by Mary Jo Brown that the in Dick’s honor, a donation in the amount of $250 be provided to the Canadian Bridge Federation in support of their Junior Bridge program. Carried
  8. Board per diem reimbursement. Although costs of travel continue to increase, it was decided to defer to a future Meeting any consideration of the D18 policy with respect to per diem reimbursement for participation at Board Meetings.
  9. Balance of team versus pairs events at Regionals. In discussion of this topic, Mary Jo Brown offered to provide a preliminary draft of a Regional template that, once approved, would be made available to future Regional Chairpersons as a possible schedule. The organizing committee could adapt it to meet local interests and considerations, subject to the D18 Tournament Director retaining final approval.
  10. Steve Bates reported that the table count for Saskatoon is on target to equal or modestly exceed the estimate of 1000 tables.

9.   Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 28, 2010, Moose Jaw, SK; The Heritage Inn

10. Motion to adjourn by Mary Jo Brown. Adjournment at 6:45 p.m.


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